Putting my shoes on

I put my shoes on, and walk — from the doorway to the desk. It’s five feet, if that, and really does not require shoes. But I’ve just come downstairs, wearing a black turtleneck & jeans, makeup and wet hair, wet with the hope that maybe it will be less wild and look less grey in these days of no haircuts. Sliding into shoes next is just what happens next. Continue reading


Today, Marsha Gruenberg Kreuzman, a Holocaust survivor, will be buried alongside her beloved Robert. Marsha spent decades telling her story and teaching others so that we will not forget the atrocities of the Sho’ah. Please read this reflection & share it — in order to honor Marsha’s memory. These reflections here include the broad outlines of Marsha’s story. The more detailed account is accessible through the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive: http://vhaonline.usc.edu/viewingPage?testimonyID=18431&returnIndex=0#. Marsha and her husband Robert recorded their testimonies as part of the visionary project created by Steven Spielberg.)

Marsha and her mother.

Marsha Gruenberg was born in Krakow, Poland. She was the only Jew in her class and stood out as a redhead. She was persecuted and taunted with the cries of “Jew – Jew – Jew.” Continue reading